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Compassionate Connections Therapeutic & Consulting Services

Sensory Objects, Chews and Fidgets

As a mom of four kiddos with high sensory needs I struggled to find local products designed to help them regulate their bodies and emotions. As a mental health professional I knew the importance of having affordable and easy access to products and services for kids, as families already experience a high amount of stress. My business model has always been about filling in gaps in services for families, so extending my business to include a sensory store just made sense!

Compassionate Connection's sensory store provides local access to sensory objects that can help our kids regulate their bodies. All of our products come in a variety of different colours, shapes and textures. Please email us at [email protected] for additional information and pictures of the products you are interested in. We can also do custom orders to meet your specific sensory needs!  

**Please note, that our product line and pricing is subject to change without notice.**